Our Industries


Business at electronic speeds with 24x7 availability is today's mantra. With the Internet becoming integral in our daily lives, whether B2B or B2C, customers are demanding quicker responses and personalized services.

Cardinal Integrated with its inherent strengths in web technologies offers the following services in e-Business enablement:

  • e-Business Architecture
  • Enterprise Portal development & Content Management
  • Enterprise Web Services Development
  • Enterprise Security Services
  • Enterprise Performance Management


The learning industry has seen some radical changes over the last few years owing to the influence of the phenomenal growth in communication technologies. The traditional mode of classroom-based learning is no longer the only choice. Students world over are increasingly looking for alternative modes of learning that suit their lifestyles better in today’s world. Out of the several business models that have evolved, E-Learning is by far the most promising and best suited for delivering knowledge in the digital age. More and more organizations and institutions have adapted to take advantage and new adopters are constantly getting added to the list.

At Cardinal Integrated we have a deep understanding of this rapidly growing industry that demands not only a high level of domain expertise but also a high degree of skill in bleeding-edge technologies that is required for delivering high-quality e-learning solutions. Our close association with some of the leading learning organizations and online universities of the world has allowed us to develop unmatched domain and technical expertise that is required in this field. Combined with our innovative delivery models and our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we bring innovative and cost-effective business solutions and IT services that help learning organizations and companies increase margins and enhance greatly their competitiveness.

Online Media & Advertising

With the industry shift towards online media becoming the defacto standard for advertising and businesses moving to convert brick mortar retail presence to being on the Internet 24x7 availability, 365 days a year the Online Media & Advertising industry is a strategic vertical for Cardinal Integrated. We help build high-end static websites, media-specific tech products, online traffic analytics and more thru our Web Application Engineering practice.

Pharmaceutical & Life-sciences

Competitive undercutting on pricing and increasing drug research costs have caught Pharma companies on shifty grounds. On top of that, Patent expiry, availability of low-cost generic drugs, genetic and biotech alternatives, and higher regulatory hurdles are making the leading Pharma companies rethink about their R&D investments. Considering these new factors, Pharmaceutical companies need to play on being efficient operators with optimized business processes, which must be automated.

Our Pharmaceutical and Life sciences practice helps you manage your Drug Discovery Analytics, Clinical Trials, and regulatory compliance needs in a cost-effective way using best of breed technical know-how.

We utilize accelerated implementation and measurable performance improvements with blueprinted frameworks and methodologies, helping our Pharma clients run their businesses.


The insurance industry is an immensely complicated domain that faces several challenges today arising out of complex, obsolete and inflexible legacy IT systems. Lack of integration between various systems and substantial presence of manual and paper-intensive processes leads to inefficient underwriting and claims processing as well as high maintenance costs.

Given the real-time nature of this complex and high-growth sector, there is a serious need for automation for enabling smoother processes that utilize a combination of workflow processes, rules-based approach, electronic data management and information channel management towards achieving these goals. The approach effectively aims to consolidate the various enterprise-wide systems and attempts to use the right blend of Service Oriented Architecture based technology for providing integrated decision and execution frameworks that enable automation.

Cardinal Integrated brings with it not only a deep understanding of this industry but also leverages its experience in building highly scalable and complex service-oriented systems that are the need of the hour.

Banking & Financial

Intensely competitive, the financial services business is stretched far beyond the traditional banking industry. Today, we see banks are offering insurance products, insurance companies are starting their own hedge funds, and brokerage companies are trying to move in into the traditional insurance business. Retaining customers is more important and is being considered as a strategic initiative in order to maintain market positions.

For financial institutions, the strategy of offering a broad range of services and products to a very diverse client base is the order of the day. Demanding customers with the power of the Internet make it imperative for Financial Institutions to move away from manual processing toward automation resulting in compressed settlement time frames.

Our Financial services technical business line offers a range of consulting services straddling the asset management, investment banking, and wealth management space. Our deep domain insight in the Fixed Income, Equities, and Hedge Fund businesses enable our technologists to deliver world-class solutions utilizing open standards and Service Oriented Architectures offering higher returns and IT investment protection over extended time periods.