The 10 Must-Have Project Management Skills of 2019

Project management is a thick-skinned job. In fact, it consists of various not-so-easy jobs all combined to do one job. The job starts with initiating the project, then planning the strategies, executing them, and finally, controlling and closing the project...

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10 Emerging Trends For Mobile App Development in 2018 and Beyond

The usage of mobile apps has exploded over the past few years. With the ever growing adoption of modern smartphones, more and more consumers are using apps to order their favorite food, book tickets, perform banking transactions, listen to music on the go, etc...

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Web Design for Mobile Devices

We have seen a lot of Web Developers and designers are now working into a mobile-first approach. This method is necessarily used for commonly and highly accessible smart phones. However this approach has more to offer in terms of the process...

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