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About Cardinal Integrated

We are a company of IT professionals who passionately believe that good quality products & services are delivered by great resources. With a focus on high quality, low maintenance, and self-driven technologists, Cardinal differentiates itself from the competition by uniquely putting you at an advantageous position with a SWAT team of IT professionals compared to other providers who try to provide value via a large army of resources. Cardinal along with its Indian counterpart Carnation Infotech, focuses on full-service IT consulting and staffing for Fortune 1000 organizations as well as helps startups build high-value products at a fraction of cost with its low cost-high value delivery model. We are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who work together to meet up with the clients' demands and our approach is always people-centric.

Our team of senior IT executives has catered valuable experiences in various fields and they optimistically work upon managing project teams, designing, building and delivering solutions to complex business problems and hence providing a distinct advantage to all stakeholders in the enterprise.

With an agile approach for continuous client engagement and consistent delivery, we maintain a constant feedback approach with our employees, clients, vendors and partners to provide us with their valuable suggestions further enabling us to deliver top quality services and products to our clients.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We intend to make the best quality products that would meet up with the needs of our clients. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Vision Statement

"We understand and develop the process to give our clients peace of mind."

We believe in making great projects that are focusing and innovating. Professional ethics is our key criteria and our goal is to be a global services provider integrating industry best practices to enable innovative IT solutions. The highest degree of professionalism, turn-around time and code, done right! With the help of solution delivery, we will simply and speed up your process of enhancing your internet presence, which will help to increase and get huge market exposure. We understand your business strategy and objectives so that our creative team can craft web design for example with their skills. We'll walk the entire Application development path with you from just an idea to product launch, to contribute to your eventual app success! Let our company lead your business to the top! Have a project in mind?

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