Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is an alternative staffing model seeking to add greater professional skills for a specific duration to a permanent team. The key element of staff augmentation is the retention of the management of the additional staff by the parent company. This makes the temporarily hired professionals accountable to the parent firm!

IT Staffing


Our mission is to provide our clients with the services and solutions that they expect from us by saving capital and time in the process. We try to offer individual attention to our clients and tailored competitive service packages too to resolve their immediate and strategic encumbrances. Our professional staffing team provides staffing solutions while we also try to maintain the stimulating code of ethics and integrity. We take pride in the responsive service we try our best to deliver 24x7 to our clients.


We attract assistance from staff augmentation firms that have an extensive network of skilled professionals and aim to hire professionals with technical expertise on a project for a short-term basis than investing in permanent recruitment. In addition to being cost-effective, staff augmentation prevents the undue burden and time wastage of going through a rigorous recruitment drive.

Staffing through this model is most beneficial for SMEs that do not wish to invest a lot in operational costs, especially in offshore projects. Most short-term professionals work remotely, or from the confines of the augmentation firm, and therefore, reduce the infrastructural costs as well. Professional assistance can be increased or decreased based on project requirements and work burden. This saves the firm salaries due to a permanent workforce, during lean periods.