IT Consulting

Web Solutions

We have built complex web solutions including e-commerce platforms, high thru-put web applications, web portals, company websites, etc. using contemporary web 2.0 frameworks. We leverage our onsite-offsite execution model in bringing cost-effective solutions for our client’s needs.

Legacy Modernization

We can web-enable your systems, we have reverse engineered existing applications on Oracle, Visual Basic, Clipper, MS Access, Java, etc. and made them browser based using RIA technologies to provide a similar look and feel as before ensuring faster adoption by the user base.

System Maintenance & Up-gradation

We partner with our clients in maintaining and upgrading their IT applications; we will build your maintenance team under Cardinal Integrated’s guidance which can be based onsite at your location or offsite at Cardinal Integrated which we operate under to meet service level expectations from users. We follow pre-emptive maintenance practices reducing system downtime significantly at the same time enhancing & upgrading the application for future challenges.