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We are a company of IT professionals who passionately believe that good quality products & services are delivered by great resources. With a focus on high quality, low maintenance and self driven technologists, Cardinal differentiates itself from the competion by uniquely putting you at an advantageous position with a SWAT team of IT professionals compared to other providers who try to provide value via a large army of resources. Cardinal along with it's Indian counterpart Carnation Infotech, focuses on full service IT consulting and staffing for Fortune 1000 organizations as well as helps startups build high value products at a fraction of cost with it's low cost-high value delivery model. We are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who work together to meet up with the clients demands and our approach is always people centric...

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High-End Consultants

Cardinal Integrated approaches to include and build up top quality IT talents to serve their clients the best. Our employees and consultants are in sync with us to bring out the best quality...

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Featured Project

When a client reports a performance problem, Cardinal Integrated send out its best-trained application engineers who are remarkably adept at tuning.

Technology Recruiting

Our recruiting strength is a deep technical understanding of our recruiting personnel. When we present the profile of a consultant or a potential full-time...

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Our Services

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is an alternative staffing model seeking to add greater professional skills for a specific duration to a permanent team. The key element of staff augmentation is the retention...
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IT Consulting

We have built complex web solutions including e-commerce platforms, high thru-put web applications, web portals, company websites, etc. using contemporary web 2.0 framework...
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Software Development

IT Projects often run the risk of not following the proper processes and best practices required for building high-quality enterprise web solutions. Over a period, this translates...
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We cover a range of industry verticals; our strength areas are:



Business at electronic speeds with 24x7 availability is today's mantra. With the Internet becoming integral in our daily lives, whether B2B...
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The learning industry has seen some radical changes over the last few years owing to the influence of the phenomenal growth in communication...
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Online Advertising

Online Media & Advertising

With the industry shift towards online media becoming the defacto standard for advertising and businesses moving to convert brick & mortar...
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